Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.

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Christophe & Sarah Lardinois

Christophe and Sarah have been serving the Lord together in Belgium since July 2014. They are currently involved in a church plant and youth ministry   in Belgium. They are sent by Calvary Baptist Church in Huron, SD and serve with Independent Faith Mission.  

Dan and Christine Grings

Serving in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

For thirty years Dan and his wife Christine have served faithfully. Their ministry includes winning souls to Christ, baptizing, discipling and training converts for ministry, building up the churches, running a Christian school, and broadcasting the Gospel on radio with the potential to reach over 7 million people in the capital city of Kinshasa where they live. 
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Jeremy and Jenny Pittsley

Serving in Kenya

 the Pittsleys left for Kenya in late summer 2013. They work with a seminary to Develop Kenyan leaders for local churches to propagate the Christian faith to the nations and to perpetuate that faith to the next generation. 
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Mark and Anita Swedberg

Serving in Brazil

Both Mark and Anita Swedberg are missionary kids. Mark grew up in Brazil. Anita grew up in the Dominican Republic. They joined Baptist Mid-Missions in 1990 and arrived on the field of Brazil in February, 1993. Mark and Anita Swedberg are still serving with Baptist Mid-Missions in Brazil in new capacities as the Lord leads. 

The Steins

Serving in Peru

The steins have served with Baptist Mid-Missions since 2013. After finishing language school in Lima, they moved to Trujillo in October 2014. As missionaries they serve through evangelism, church planting, and training national pastors, missionaries, and teachers. The Steins desire to see God grow the Peruvian church through their service. They work on the Bible campus Seminary in Trujillo, Peru. In 2020 they Adopted two native children.

Tom and Nancy Miller

Serving in Boulder, Colorado

Tom and Nancy Miller serve at The University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. Tom leads Campus Bible Studies. Literature table on campus, debates, dinners in their home are some of their outreach ministries. Nancy, Tom, and Hal Miller teach internationals conversational English. At the beginning of the semester Nancy & Tom basically “live” at CU - sitting at their lit. table, playing basketball in the CU Rec Center, teaching English, and interacting on Friday nights with 100 Internationals.

Jim & Janice Mitchell

Serving in the USA

Mitchell's work to Rescue declining churches in America. They move to churches that are on the brink of closing their doors and work with those in the church to give it new life and stability for the future. They train leaders, work to make the church financially stable, and bring new growth before they hand off the church and move to a new area of need.